The program received Witcher 3 from the company’s CD Projekt RED and another recently updated, offering version 1.61 of the high-scale dynamic support package for the PlayStation 4 and PS4 Pro – which is a welcome bonus to quickly match the third anniversary. With the release of the PS4 Pro and the Xbox One X, this vintage title did not show the best 2015 on the consoles. It was supposed to be an HDR update for PlayStation 4 users, but it’s not quite here, and the PS4 version seems to need one more package before everything is as it should be.

Let’s start with the positive aspects. The high dynamic range support is really positive for the PlayStation 4 controllers, and it combines very well with the 4K dashboard in the PS4 Pro. It gives you a parity with Xbox One X in support of the show, and there’s no doubt that the new San Juan region and the expansion of Tusan wine is particularly bright. But the price that will be paid on the PS4 Pro for this update is excellent: it can clearly draw slight distances to the leaves and shadows again at 1.61, significantly in the 4K mode of the console. This leads to more pop in the grass, almost as if they germinated from the ground a few meters away, while more shadows visibly fade in front of Geralt during the tour.

In the video clip is included in this page, you will see that we picked up a new Altqata of Witcher 3 patch 1.61, and Petkdesh in exchange for collecting 1.50 library – very easy to pick up LD deterioration, and of course it has been supervised by a dedicated community for the game. There’s more: the drawing distance of the shadow in 4K mode has been reduced again compared to the original Pro 1.50 support patch for the first time.

When traveling the world, it is fortunate that most other configurations remain in place. So walk through Novigrad, paint objects and panels of characters in the same range. The “reduction of classification” is not a general decrease in environments, since only trees and plants (and the shadows attributed to them) reveal a problem. With all this in mind, moving to the new patch is a double-edged sword: you get an excellent application for HDR technology, but the overall details are not exactly the same.

It is very strange that the PS4 correction notes register high dynamic range support, performance improvements and, in fact, simple visual improvements in the developers’ phase points. But as we’ve seen in the past sometimes with The Witcher 3, it’s a step-by-step case, a step back with this title. Unfortunately, there is no 60fps mode to match Xbox One X here on PS4 Pro, and similarly, Xbox One drivers are not affected by this problem, which we have tried so far.

So, why is this happening? There are few suggestions that HDR support itself has an impact on performance, assuming a small percent variation with HDR enabled, it is not clear how LODs can be changed to change shade and foliage directly. To improve the compatibility with HDR, the game is exaggerated and works well at 30 fps in a patch of 1.50, with the exception of the notorious Crookback Bog area. Worse yet, these final spaces affect the PS4 Pro even in the SDR anyway, as a good guide as anyone who probably is not intended.

But what about the developer’s claims of improved performance? Well, this is actually a check, so introduce yourself to the Crookback Bog stress test. The 4K frames at 1.61 have marginally improved at least 1.50 when the game can not reach its 30 fps target, possibly as a result of those shadow and LOD changes. It is also strange that CD Projekt RED has synchronized the synchronization v compared to the full synchronization v that was seen in the first Pro appearance.