The Happy One rating was rejected by the Australian rating board earlier this week, which means it will not be available for purchase in the country. Since then, the Governing Council issued a statement about the reason for us to block (later), has studio Toys Inc. today announced how to plan through which to deal with the situation.

It is a very difficult scenario for the study because this game was funded by Kickstarter, in the sense that the Australians who have contributed to its development had risked not receiving anything for their promises. But the “mandatory games” write that they will issue refunds if they can not do something with the board.

“For our Australian fans, we share their frustration,” a study spokesman wrote. “We are going to work with the ACB classification, if the government has maintained its position, we will make sure that the money can be recovered, and we are going to work directly with the supporters of the starter pedal,” he said. little time to appeal the decision before making a call. ”

He continued: “We are happy few in a miserable society and the first scene consists of the character of a player of refined material that can cause abuse to the ‘society as a whole’, as part of his work as an administrator, a file The government that forces its citizens to show joy, and the point of the game as a whole is to reject these programs and respond to them, and in this context, the full social commentary of the game is not different from the world of our brave new Aldous Huxley, or Brazil Terry Gilliam. ”

In other words, the study states that Joey’s use of the game is not designed to glorify drug use, but rather is a means to play.

“The game explores a variety of modern themes, including addiction, mental health and substance abuse, we have received hundreds of letters from fans who appreciate the treatment we have presented to these issues, and we believe that when players enter the world.” We will feel the same way. We are proud of what we have created. ”

When the player consumes Joy, surreal, psychedelic sequences including butterflies and brightly-coloured street-scapes appear. Australian Classification Board

In response to our questions earlier this week, we describe the Ministry of Communications and Arts of Australia rape material, referring to point 1 (a) in games that “perception or electronic or otherwise address sex issues, drug abuse or addiction or cruelty or violence Or ugly or hateful phenomena “.

Here is the full description (warning, contains spoilers):

Consists of the departure of the exploration of the city of Wellington, Wales English fiction in the personality of the first person as three different characters to play, where they consume characters do not play the drug “Joey” fantasy that has been delegated by the government in form of tablets, which include side effects such as ecstasy and memory loss. When the player consumes fun, intriguing serial sequences appear, including butterflies and brightly colored street segments. According to the preparation of the imagination, the models and personal environments are brightly colored and elegantly decorated.

Players have the option to agree with NPCs and take Joy pads when they explore the Village or Parade District play areas. If the player does not take “Joey”, NPCs become hostile towards the player if they have behaviors that include running, jumping and staring. An NPC character named Doctor can discover when the player has not chosen Joy and sends him a warning. The player controlling Joy can reduce the difficulty of playing and thus get the incentive to progress through the game quickly. Although there are alternative ways to complete the game, the game requires the player to have fun progressing.

In a sequence, the NPC is seen on the ground, uneven due to the reaction of eating the joy tablet, which later became sick. After being encouraged by many members of the National People’s Congress to rejoice and be rejected, fearing to have a negative impact, they beat her with steel pots and a shovel, until she dies implicitly. In another sequence, the player is seen from the perspective of the first person, entering a telephone box containing three dispensers of large grains, each with a different spoon. The player consumes a drop of joy and a group of brightly colored butterflies that also show colored tracks and rainbows on the ground, improving the speed and vision of the player.

In the opinion of the Council, it is a progress in the game of drugs that are used in the manufacture of drugs making incentive less difficult or reward for the use of drugs, and therefore the game beyond the classification of R +18, which states that “does not allow the use of incentives and bonuses related to drugs.”.

Therefore, the game ensures that the rating is rejected.

In the past, the studios changed the games to meet the guidelines of the Australian Classification Board. South Park: The Stick of Truth and Fallout 3 are two examples, while Hotline Miami 2 has not adapted to Australia, which caused Devolver Digital to delay the deployment of some of its other games, including Genital Jousting.

“We would like to respond in more detail to the thematic aspect of We Happy Few later, where we believe it deserves more attention than a quick public relations response,” the statement said. “In the meantime, we will talk to the ACB to provide additional information, analyze the issues in depth and see if they change their minds or not.”