Destiny 2: Warmind expanded with the legendary weapon upgrade feature provided by developer Bungie in January, with a system to also upgrade alien weapons, the study announced this week.

As legendary weapons and armor in recent months, each alien weapon in Destiny 2 will receive its own version of Masterwork through “Catalyst”. But these new promotions will do more than simply trace the bodies and generate the celestial bodies. (To be clear, Alien Masterworks will be available to all Destiny 2 players, not just those who buy Warmind).

Bungie did not go into many details, but we know that the masterpieces will offer statistics of rewards and possible privileges alien to their practices. For example, wing surveillance will get a full automatic benefit feature once it’s master way, allowing players to press the trigger of the explosion after the explosion, according to a PlayStation access video clip.

Another example is the manual recreation of Crimson, Red Death. It is clear that the masterpiece update of this weapon is a significant increase in range, taking the pistol from the range of 60 to a maximum of 100.

The catalyst of the masterpiece of each weapon will be unique and secret. The example that Bungie gave was Coldheart. The trail of the gun trigger trail is that “he found himself in blows against the most challenging opponents.” In all likelihood, this speaks of a sudden blow. If the catalyst is only sprinkled with a specific blow it remains to be seen.

Once you get the catalyst to quit, or complete the desired activity, depending on how you get this stimulus, you can apply it to the alien to get a more direct goal for the upgrade. In this stage, the weapon will act like any legendary action, it will count the aggression and it will give light to Orbs in multikills. These update tasks are simpler, like killing a certain number of enemies with your strange characters.

Bangui did not announce that not all foreign weapons would have immediate stimuli available. Players should check every strange weapon they have when they check it. If there is an activation slot, the Alien Masterwork update is available.

Strange weapons will be released along with Destiny 2: Warmind and Destiny 2 the third season on May 8.