I love people in the line wars MOD of DeSync Studios. MOD in Warcraft 3: The throne is frozen so much that they have created a game based on it. This is not all new tower defense game, Unleashed, it should be done, but for my money they are the most promising.

For beginners: Warcraft’s Line Tower Wars makes it a tower defense game where you build your own paths. (There is also a similar mod for Starcraft 2.) Unlike the classics that defend towers like Bloons or the newer rate, like Sanctum, you do not just place towers in a previous cycle. Instead, you build a path that takes enemies to your base using walls and even the towers themselves. This is the feeling I have of Unleashed: your base here, the enemies come from there, and everything depends on you.

He recently joined Steam Early Access, where DeSync expects to stay between six and 12 months. According to the professor, the final game will contain a variety of towers and monsters, as well as more encouraging online services, but the basic game can now be played, including the game of eight-player players. In addition to putting Line Tower Wars, there is a standard tower defense mode and a crazy mode of protection mode.