Surprisingly, it is not, but it is interesting, because it means that Treyarch can do something different from the situation. Perhaps granted by a method similar to Wolfenstein, from the awkwardness of class B films of seriousness, for example, Z. World War (your distance traveled – Do not hesitate to insert a “dangerous” zombie movie in your favorite place may be different from that). Or maybe the rumors that the Black Ops 4 campaign is just one of the only half-truth players: Zombies can be the campaign.

Er, this is an extension, but in one way or another, yes, there will be zombies.

The original story:

We know very little about Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 regardless of the fact of its existence. Put the zombie, for example: Will you have one? It is almost certain that the answer is yes (obviously), but it has not been confirmed yet, so we do not know it in fact. But the tweet from the official account of the previous E3 that came out today certainly makes the sound possible.

I can not imagine that Activision put Zombies retroactively on E3 without having the next zombie style in Black Ops 4, which will be released a month before E3. Sources have previously suggested that Treyarch is actually doing more in the Zombies component and other multiplayer components instead of a single-player campaign. With or without a disc, it would be a real surprise if Black Ops 4 is not in Zombies mode.

Activision declined to confirm the presence of Ops Zombies 4 blacks, but Activision Blizzard COO Coddy Johnson said the situation during a recent earnings report while talking about the company’s confidence in the Treyarch Black Operations study. “He is an incredible developer with a deep understanding of the community and the kind of first person, but also a proven track record of innovation, including zombies and many multiplayer innovations that this really transformed the industry,” he said (via alpha ) mission.

He also referred to the PC version in the same statement. “We have invested resources and dedicated design time to make sure we can offer an excellent computer game to serve this community.” This is good to hear, even if it has nothing to do with non-eligible Nazis.

The complete Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 will appear on May 17. This year E3 runs from June 12 to 14.