Total War Saga: Thrones of Britannia is a powerful and simplified strategy game that is lost by a weak final game, so Fraser said in his review. Some shakes of artificial intelligence, strange victories conditions and abundant resources gave him easy victories, and in one case he won two victories before the age of thirty. It was so bad that he had to solve his own problems and build a nobleman he knew would cause problems. The Creative Society wants to address these problems in next week’s update, which is designed to make the game more difficult in general.

“Some of you find very short campaigns, too much food and money and very easy battles,” said game director Jack Lostide in an article on the blog. “Thrones does not give you enough challenge because you want to keep playing, that’s something we can handle quickly because it’s a big part of the balance.”

The correction, which will come out of the general test program on Tuesday, will modify the conditions to win, increase food consumption, increase construction costs, reduce the amount of gold in the last game and extinguish some technical rewards. “We hope it will improve the level of difficulty and serve for a greater challenge,” he told Reuters.

It is not the only change that the Creative Society is planning: some fans believe that Thrones cuts many of the characteristics that used to play in Total War and helps others to free themselves. “We need to consider mechanics, especially the culture and mechanics of factions, and determine what can be changed to address this,” added Lusted.

Fraser was generally simplistic, saying that getting rid of unnecessary characteristics made her feel “stronger and more cohesive than any of her predecessors.” He said some changes “make some parts of the game seem non-routine,” so let’s see what the team will get before the verdict is issued.

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