In another week, another live event of Far Cry 5, and this prize special reward: rocket launcher distributed swords instead of explosives. Once you have registered for the event, called White Collar Job, go to the wolves search using the bow and arrow. When you have conquered ten of them, and these may include the rulers of Jacob (they are wolves but are more agitated), you will get the Shovel Launcher. Youtuber’s previous short video Fabian Bonk shows that it’s good.

We have already celebrated Far Cry 5, the best weapon in the game, because it is ridiculously powerful, capable of shooting enemies and vehicles, and because you can charge nine of them at the same time. The Shovel Launcher offers you a new way to launch it, although personally I throw them like a javelin to launch from a weapon. I think it’s more pleasant, I think, to use the power of the arm to direct some sects to a tree instead of relying on the hardware to do it for you. In fact, there is not a bad way to make a high speed shovel.

Thanks, GamesRadar!