If death is not enough for you in Fallout 4, this amendment will encourage you to cry every time you are hit by death. In Death Matters of OW3Nx25 here, every time you die, you have to retrieve every unimportant object from your body, wherever you leave it. When you wake up, take the role of the settler from the nearest settlement, or refuge, if there are no suitable settlements nearby.

Your trip will appear to retrieve your items. The stakes are very high: your new personality only has basic weapons and armor, and death will once again make your old body vanish forever. Maintaining their active settlements is important, because each settler, the settler he plays with, is gone forever. However, you will have the same previous appearance.

Bring death matters, I dare say, a dark tension in your journey through the Commonwealth, and the OW3Nx25 proposes to activate the modification along with the survival mode in the game. The only illustration is that it does not work with the DLC sites in Fallout 4, so keep this in mind if you want to try it.

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