The second season was expected to come out of the movie The Wolf of Us, which is an adventure story inspired by a Telltale book about Bigby Wolf and Ichabod Crane and Snow White and other mythical figures and creatures that live in the real world of the mid-eighties, sometime this year. It will not be.

The delay is the result of some “fundamental changes” in the study that have occurred since the game was announced, Telltale explained in a blog post. It has not been published to participate in the details, but almost a quarter of the Telltale staff were laid off in November 2017 and it is not hard to imagine that having a piece of this size has an effect on programming.

Taltaal wrote: “Most importantly, we are committed to exploring new ways of telling our stories. Taking this additional time will allow us to focus not only on quality but also on experimentation and repetition in order to formulate something really special.”

“Ultimately, our goal is to offer an experience worthy of the passion shown continuously by the wolf among us, and it will give us these additional months of time we have to do our job better.” We are very excited about how to play progressing so far, and we can not wait to dig deeper. ”

More information about what will come in the wolf season between us will be revealed in the second season later this year.