Sinking is one of those wonderful games on paper: an adventure of action and adventure open to the world in the 1920s immersed in water and the likes of Lovecraft. Austin took it earlier this year and it started in a very promising way, but it’s also very ambitious, and that makes me a little nervous. Frogwares developer has some good things in the past (Magrunner: Dark Pulse is very good, as well as Cthulhu-hoisted), but this seems a big step away from the usual stuff.

The new teaser does not offer any style of play, but I still feel a little sure of what is in the store after seeing it. It really fits the emotional essence you need for a game like that: primal terror, paid despair and strangeness in the world of dreams. The voice work is also very good. If there is nothing else, it certainly suggests that the mood will be true.

Let’s take a closer look at the sinking City Gallery of PC gaming at E3, which begins at 3 pm Pacific time / 6 pm ET on June 11, a day before the start of the official E3.