The worshipers of the 4x Sword of the Stars, Kerberos Productions, are replete with table games to take The Soul to The Spide to the table. Today was launched on Kickstarter, pit: the game board is a cooperative tracking dungeon for 1-4 players.

If they are not familiar, Pit players are tender and young warriors who sink into the depths of the secret laboratory full of strange horrors. They are trying to save their planet, or something like that, but what they really do is eat, collect loot and run out of things to eat. (Shortly before starving.) Kerberos says the project is ready to print with funds, and that it has already received offers from printers and is expected to be implemented.

It was unveiled for the first time in 2015, Sword of the Stars: The House, which has been modified relatively well in the intestine and expansionist world of science fiction in the world of fantasy at 4x Rocalaak. The Pit: The board game seems to differ from the video game in several main ways. First, it is a fortified tracking game without a network, which uses more abstract hall and hall cards to reproduce the roguelike experience. Apart from that, this is what you expect: throw dice, kill monsters, get booties, you will die, you will try again. For the most curious, the rules of the pilot game are linked to the Kickstarter campaign. In a small but welcome development, the campaign has levels of support where players with 3D printers can obtain the necessary files to print an unlimited number of alien points and space missiles.

These visitors can visit Kickstarter or the official website of the game.