By turning the misty depths of London falling into the vast and wild land above, Sunless Skies is larger and brighter than the sea without advanced sun. However, to maintain the “danger and fear” of the latter, Failbetter Games gave the developers the update of Skies – Update of threats – that adds climate and worship and some new explorers.

Peacock winds, for example, a mature and noisy storm can obscure the player’s vision, while the wind sail is a howl, a “flickering” storm reflects the flame of candlelight.

The Storm That Speaks is a resounding explosion that comes with a “stab for violent daze”, more you can read about it below.

The Sunless Skies threat update also adds a new discovery, made by Bat-Smitten Bat, Intrepid Cavey, Ratronaut and the exclusive Cyclopean Own from Kickstarter. As always, they boast of their own collections of statistics and features.

The worship also looks interesting. Let me postpone Failbetter:

Captives can now discover that some actions can attract the attention or wrath of God. Currently, there are some events that provide or receive attention, but will be added more as the development continues.

He lived in abandoned places where the sun died, and ordered the wind in the same way as the shepherd. The disappeared, the pariahs and the dying love to imagine a relationship with her.

The reformer down gnaws the roots of paradise. Astronauts say that their breath is the fog that fills the desert, and sometimes they read its name. She fears her right to retaliate.

The storm you are talking about is the force of a storm associated with sadness, pain, remorse and the past (where your house is said to be lying). Some say that Rich’s hours are her tears. It is partial to the spirits.

Sunless Skies’ Threat build Live – More information on all the above can be found in this way. If you want to see some of this in practice, Failbetter will broadcast the new features of the game from Friday, May 11 at 8 a.m. PST / 4PM on your Twitch channel.