The FPS military band has been a 50v50 multiplayer player at Alpha for almost three years. This is a long time to wait for supporters of Kickstarter, but the developer of Offworld Industries has built slowly but surely the powerful shooter so full of features that everything I read now is positive. The 11th version of Alpha arrived this week, adding British armed forces along with a new map and a wide range of weapons and vehicles.

British soldiers will be heavily dependent on armored vehicles, and they bring with them two new ones: transport trucks of 18 soldiers (you can also move supplies instead of soldiers) and FV510, an armored infantry vehicle with strong automatic cannon of machine-gun fat. British infantrymen will rely on the L85A2, a pole rifle that can be switched between semi-automatic and fully automatic fire routes.

The new platoon will appear on multiple maps, including the recently launched Camdish Highlands, located at the eastern tip of Afghanistan. It is a mountainous map with several crosses and small crowds scattered around it.

Along with the L85A2, the game adds nine more weapons, most of which point to the new British forces. They include a light machine gun, a sniper rifle and a grenade launcher.

The US Army UU It also has a new vehicle: the M2A3 IFV, now the most heavily armed weapon in the game. Your contact card is a TOW launcher that fires rockets that you can direct in the air. The update also brings many mechanical changes to the squad, including a tighter recoil and a quick display of the bending speed. You can read all the changes in the complete correction notes.

The team must leave early at the end of the year.