I made sure in almost all the images of not spoiling anything in the story, but keep in mind that some of the environments in this game are per se per se, so you should avoid this if you want something new. However, you can also stop if you have reached the level of progress in your story.
The god of war looks amazing. This is not new to me, I’m sure. The issue is that during my breeding session, I was browsing some of the moments, spaces and artistic designs that show that the technical team of this game was firing all cylinders as well as the graphic engine and hardware. **** **** Does this game look good?

So join me if you wish, on a trip down memory lane for those who play, or those who do not care about moderate spoilers, because I bring a complete set of images for you to see. Note that I copied the photos of the PS4 to a certain point in the story, and could be updated with the rest shortly. I want to give more people time to acclimate with them, while things also end.

I took all the photos in 4K on the Playstation Pro, but they activated the improved sites to keep things out of control, so enjoy the photos! It’s amazing to see what comes out of this device now, so it looks pretty good on a standard PS4 device too (4K res apart). Small keyboards that can.

God of War2
God of War21
God of War20
God of War19
God of War18
God of War17
God of War16
God of War15
God of War14
God of War13
God of War12
God of War11
God of War10
God of War9
God of War8
God of War7
God of War6
God of War5
God of War4
God of War3