Slay the Spire has released a new update today, with a large pile of potions added to the game’s mix from the deck and crawling through the cell. The new update is actually a reworking of the entire dosing system, which was worked by, but was a bit obscure. The doses are now divided into common and unusual and rare categories, and some new potions look very strong on your face, like the Fairy in a jar that avoids death or some Senico oil to bring some cards to get the effect Confused sometimes.

Maybe my new favorite drink is Gambler’s, which allows you to ignore any number of cards and then draw that number. It is likely that others are interested in Celer Spring, based in New York, as a smoke bomb, which allows him to skip battles, or a dose of steroids, which will provide some serious holes for those iron surfaces. Interestingly, Redditor has made an immersion in the code to detect the effects of all the new doses.

Slay the Spire is currently in Early Access with two models of one type and one on the way. If this tempts you to review the game, do I suggest our guide? I think I can do that.

Thanks, RPS.