We have known that Lara Croft is the safest and we will treat the results of her actions in a darker story.

Five years ago, we were introducing a new type of Lara Croft in Tomb Raider 2013 form, the first part of the original, which continued with the second delivery story, Rise of the Tomb Raider, two years later. About a month ago, we discovered that the end of this article, Shadow of the Tomb Raider, will arrive in September of this year, and we recently got the game vision for us as part of the London gaming detection event. .

We sat demonstration, that Abnah in Mexico, along with our old friend Jonah, where we discovered the place where you can find in the next treasure while also keeping your eyes on the objective effects of our scientists, who also had a Balkins link mentioned. Once this goal began to move, that was our chance to camouflage and chase after him, using the “pursuit” the most precise sense of the word, where the turn more about the murderous movement Creed through a crowd of people, clean up previous people and apologize instead of the high-speed chase.

Once this mysterious person to enter the area watched by people with special guards are seen, we stopped Tamoihna and turned to more unusual ways to monitor (climbing, more specifically), before going to look for the nearby treasure site. Once Khalana Hna wears out ***, we look at the “Croft” clothes and remind us of the immediately older games like “Tomb Raider Anniversary”, in which she wore more clothes ready to fight casual clothes, the top from a tank holiday from the first game on something more like a tactical vest.

Not only is Lara’s choice, which reminds us of Shadow of the Tomb Raider about old games. There is also that guarantee, the experience that Croft has and that reminds us of the titles that were already in possession of the existing treasures. See opening opportunity to grab it by the neck and go beyond what you want without hesitation, which leads to the end to find the key to an old treasure … the key is in the fact of being a dagger must be accompanied by Fund silver.

We’re not going to spoil exactly what’s going on here, but immediately after finding the mentioned dagger, we find that Tsrana in the capture will lead to serious consequences not only on Croft himself, but for many others as well, and this is to say The developers are studying themselves in this game – the consequences of their actions. We have known in two games now that Croft has become more comfortable going to historic sites, massacring those who oppose and taking what you want. Now, however, there are more catastrophic effects, which seems promising, especially when it comes to shaping and developing the character of the character.

However, it is not as if we are putting the ‘killer bad guys’ approach on hold right now. From the detection trailer, it seems that Croft has become more lethal than cold stones. Even in the first educational section, it reminds us of hidden murder, and animation is still a liberal and brutal, in particular, with the strangulation of previous games, which lends itself to an avalanche of savage stabs. Of course, we will shoot arrows and bullets when the bad guys are also on our way, and there too.

Much of their effective killing adapts to the surrounding forest. In the trailer it has been mentioned, which is sent enemies as Predator Croft, and they are fighting enemies and send them to meet their manufacturers before they disappear, leaving the survivors were sweating, and this happens well in the game. You can hide in the bushes and leaves again, as we saw in the last game, but now you can also do things like push your back to the chrome-covered wall to be almost invisible, and jump to attack the enemies during the last one walked.

What’s more, the steps taken in the survival instinct also facilitate stealth. To remind you, it is activated by survival instinct by pressing the right stick (as in the detective Games Vision Arkham Batman) to show the things that you can interact with them in the environment, in addition to the road points and enemies, to exception of the encrypted time. Valoaadae Yellow, for example, do not see each other, so you can kill them without raising the alarm, while those that appear in red to show their allies, so they must be separated from the packaging. In this way, we find ourselves tactically snatching the opposition in an incredibly satisfying way, feeling as if we were making all the effort to do so.

However, when we raised the alarm clock, we were forced to enter an open battle, which current fans should easily find in Zahleka. There are still the same four slot machines – bow, gun and gun, and spray guns – and they all have strengths and weaknesses, such as the best bow for stealth, while the weapon works better to fight very close. Do not say too much in this section, as it is very similar to what it was before – ammunition boxes scattered on the floor, there are high walls on the chest to cover, and the compromise is always shadows safer than from a battle fierce.

The cross should also be familiar with the same combination of climbing between the edges, using an ice ax on rough walls and solving environmental puzzles to get where you need them. The puzzles we have seen similar to what we have seen in the past, which requires that the mix of capabilities such as the Rbttna a rope to a vehicle through the arch, and climbed, and then fired to remove some debris. It was not long before we established a comfortable pace.

The only thing that has changed is that the team now puts more emphasis on underwater exploration, which we can not fail to notice in our demonstration. There were many times in this section where we had to explore the depths of the water to get the treasure we were looking for, and in a later part of the game – which would not spoil us – the water was literally overwhelming. Added another useful feature in this regard as well, and once you click on the X when prompted (played on the Xbox), you can stick out on an airbag in the mini-scene to make sure you do not sink, which makes the whole swimming process simplified and easy to navigate.

All this was created to play with the theme “Fear”, which the team is working hard to achieve. At one point, for example, we found ourselves climbing under the water between the cramped rocks before more stones fell on us and we were terrified to try to pave the way. After all, there is something more terrifying about your immersion in the water without knowing how it can get out of the air.

Fear also appears in the darkness of the game as well. Given the cover of the previous cover that we had in this series, you only have to look at the images of this game to see what we mean. In fact, we were completely introduced into the darkness, whether it was the candle village we started in or the cave system that was finished. Not only is it visible, because the game looks darker and heavier. Certainly, Croft is reassuring and self-confident, but she is also a more brutal killer and will inadvertently cause much damage to her actions.

That is why it is not only Croft’s fear, but also the fear of putting it on others. It is no longer a girl suddenly everyone has, despite their ability to resist, but the force is not significant, so at the beginning of the game we are told that our old friend want to know if we are around us, because we are a threat. This time we face a danger, not just a key in the business, like a dark knight chasing shadows.

Environments have looked polished, especially when bathed in the light of thousands of candles that line both sides of the streets, but did not receive the same popup message introduced games like Rise of the Tomb Raider and Uncharted 4 with their scripts lit up for the Sun. However, it is not the same epic scale, including the cracks in the tombs they marveled before explored, and although there were some concurrent problems, we can forgive those who consider this work in progress.

Speaking of tombs (as you know, their defenders), in this game they tend to go down to the bottom, and play on the themes of fear and darkness through landing in the depths of the earth. Certainly, the same old artifacts and puzzles are shown, but there is more sinister about it, because we often find ourselves ready in the vast expanses of black color that I was longing for Aptlaana.

It is also worth mentioning that all the extra bells and sapphires that were introduced in Rise makes safe here as well, where there are still elements of the formulation to look for scrap and disposal, so despite not seeing the fire in the field at one time In the demonstration of our offer, we assume the existence of The same emphasis will be put on improving both Croft and his team. We also observe the same emphasis on formulation on the fly as well, like picking up a bottle and making impromptu cocktails to answer the bad guys that, by the way, are returning Trinidad Organization that is looking to take more things for themselves.

We were reluctant to give up the offer when the staff told us in the event that our time has ended, and this can only be a good thing. Mechanically, it is more common than often, as we have made clear, but what made us want to follow is to see more of this different side of the Croft, and to learn darker tone that has become clear, even in the first 45 minutes. If you continue to walk in this way, you should get a very appropriate to the origin story – the final outcome of the game, if desired – and we hope to be able to Eidos Montreal to take what the Crystal Dynamics company started and formed into a crucial moment loved appropriately personal.

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