This week, Rocket Legge will present a new system to unlock the brand this summer, as players win cosmetics to raise their level. The “traffic rocket” will have free and paid tracks. The free version will provide cosmetics (badges, wheels, caps and similar), as well as decoders that open boxes. The premium card will be unlocked for a single fee and you must provide a better and more regular equipment each time you make the request.

Each pass will continue “a few months” before your retirement and you will need a new one. Psyonix did not specify if the single rate would cover all premium fines, or if it would have to pay each time it expired, but stated that it is “still developing” the idea, so look for more information soon. It looks a lot like the Patel cards you can buy at Fortnite, which reward you with cosmetics while you play.

He has delineated the new system and has charted his way for the coming months: this month, players will have a new playground, next month they will have a summer event along with a new licensed DLC, and in July there will be a big anniversary event in the game with some special bounce content “to celebrate his third birthday.

The subsequent access in the year is interplatform and a new commitment system eliminates the level limit and addresses the increase of XP you need to open higher levels.

You can read all the details here.