If you have not heard about it, the “risk of rain 2” will come out significantly from the first level of the ball, an aesthetic backwards. Hopoo Games decided to adopt a third-party approach and ruled through a 10-minute video released today, perhaps the studio made the right decision.

It’s certainly a big change, and there are some caveats associated with these shots. First, the goal is specific to the Huntress category, which can be fired quickly during shooting, but as a result it has a shorter firing range. Depending on the category you choose, the way you play may look different.

The study also published a major development update on its website. Last year he dedicated himself to strengthening the backgammon system, but now the studio focuses on “content and polish.”

“Added categories, levels, elements, monsters, new heads and, of course, the original layers of risk of rain.” “With the platforms in place, we can start designing new content that adds new layers over the current RoR1 loop, we want to make sure there’s a lot of new content that adds to the fun, and we’re putting ourselves at a higher level of design of games that our previous games, we do everything we can to make sure there are not too many fills or monsters. ”

The study also seeks comments on the direction of the game, such as updates for multiple players and post-launch. You can read everything here.