Multiplayer FPS Rising Storm 2: Vietnam will add a new faction later this month: Army of the Republic of Vietnam (ARVN), the military force of South Vietnam, who fought alongside US troops against the North Vietnamese Army ( NVA).

The update, which expires on May 29, will add five maps, two of which are designed for ARVN. Quang Tri is a map superiority – the difference must capture checkpoints and link the main one – Bakadha while the SAO is the map of the territory of the following, which holds the airport’s immune defense and the field mission against the NVA.

The other three maps come from a modern competition. They are:

  • Firebase Georgina, where the site of the NVA attacks by the US Army. UU
  • Bordruach, who sees the Australian troops pushing through the bushes and open fields to attack the Vietcong.
  • Resort, helicopter-assisted attack from the sea by US Marines UU Against the position of the Tsang Tsang.

The antiretroviral weapons were armed and financed by the United States, and their arsenal was largely anchored by the old American military equipment. In Rising Storm 2, they can achieve the likes of M1 Garand, Thompson M1A1 SMG and M1918A2 Browning Automatic Rifle (BAR).

I was a fan of the game when I came out last year, but I did not back down since last summer. Ivan’s list has been the best multiplayer mode in FPS that probably will not be played in September, and perhaps he will return it after the ARVN launch.

Read the full Steamwire update on ARVN here.