PUBG may be working hard on new content and features for the PC Player version of BattleUnknown’s Battlegrounds, but this does not mean that the copy of Xbox One is in the dust. In fact, the study announced that Xbox players could soon launch the new Miramar map.

EuroMagir said the Miramar map will soon arrive on Xbox One. However, the Miramar map will be limited to a test server at this time. The test map server will be available from April 24 at 12:00 a.m. Pacific Standard Time.

The limited test server will allow Xbox players to take an early look at Miramar before officially launching it. You can take the BattleUnknown test server from the Xbox Store, but the map will not run until April 25. The test will be available until April 29, giving the players some time to express the new desert map during the test.

The Miramar test on an Xbox One can sometimes be under maintenance for minor repairs or modifications. PUBG Corporation will also scan the survey data to make adjustments during the testing phase.

Although the map may be available for the computer for a while, it is now coming to the Xbox One … well, technically, you were not very close to the Xbox One, but soon.

Originally, Miramar first appeared in December of 2017 when PUBG Corporation launched the PC. The map is certainly different from the previous map, since the sandbox of 8 × 8 km is composed mainly of empty desert areas.

The map of the Wild West wanders with a couple of small towns where players can hide and use structures to scare others or ambush unsuspecting players.

The map is in development for six to eight months on the PC, and it will take five to six months before you jump completely to the Xbox One.

Unlike other games, the maps are designed on the battlefield of PlayerUnknown to accommodate 100 players, so the improvement of the map for the possibility of playing is different from other games. Most games are designed with 8 to 8 maps, which are a common scenario for most shooting games from a first person perspective like Call of Duty. However, DICE is increasing slightly with 64 players on the Battlefield maps, so the creation of new maps requires much more time than the content of Call of Duty. With approximately 36 players on the battlefields of PlayerUnknown, they need more improvements and improvements.

Many PC players have complained about its low performance. As Xbox One has a more controlled hardware environment, PUBG Corporation must work harder to ensure that the game at least maintains 30 frames per second while it is playing.

The Xbox players had to deal with some serious optimization problems during the initial release of the “Unknown Player” ports when they first entered the preview program.

I imagine that the smaller map may take less time to transfer it to the Xbox One.