On Thursday night, the Unknown Player Battle launched Temporary Templar Desert Templar, a death game for 50 players from 10 teams of five faced in a small corner of Miramar. It was supposed to last until the end of the week, but on Friday afternoon the developer Bluehole had to remove the plug early because it was manipulated with the game servers and stopped the players from connecting completely to PUBG.

This is a bad time, to say the least. The players had less than 24 hours to experience the situation and did not arrive at the end of the week, which would be the peak hour of play. I think the team had no choice but to take it out when it found out that it was causing problems elsewhere, but that would not be a comfort to the players who were eager to dive.

The first pattern of death at PUBG, which began last month, was smoother, so we expect the obstacles to be with Desert Knights once. I think the Knights of the desert will be back soon, giving the players who missed another chance to play.