It will release the version of FPS Paladines free online, which began an experimental test of an open in 2016, in the full version of May 8, as announced by Hi-Rez Studios Developer today. The studio also launched Balladins Strike to adjust iOS and Android devices, allowing players to launch two free masks at Paladins.

“We are very excited about the official launch of Paladins,” said executive producer Chris Larsson. . “I really want to thank all the dedicated beta players in the time and effort they put into helping the paladins to cultivate this celebration of everything revolves around our players – only with their comments have we been able to make Paladins amazing game that is today in day, with a radically improved user interface, with the goal console, presentation and game. ”

There were some difficult moments in the way of his release: in early 2017 he led to complaints of “pay-per-win-win” update files, and then near the end of the year there was a similar outbreak of anger in the funds stolen. Still, the comments from users about Steam are “very positive” and, most importantly, they are still among the top 20, with 25,000 players present today.

It seems Hi-Rez also to extend the Paladins to the sweet battle and profitable Royale type: study announces the mode BR called Paladins: Battlefields in the month of January, but decided shortly after distributing them as a separate game completely, is the Paladins Kingdom Royale, now in the alpha tests Closed

Anyone who plays Paladins during the beta stage will also give 200 crystals, an excellent coin used to buy cosmetics, to log in between May 8 and May 31. The trial version will run live until the full version, so you’ll still have more than a week to qualify for the freebie. All the tournaments of the game will also be open until May 7, which makes this week especially suitable for your experience. There will be an Aspurts Super Stars team: Baladdens Championship, which starts May 5 and 6 and six teams, including Natos Vencara, SK Jaymanj, G2 Aspurts and Vnatik fighting to get a share of the total of $ 100,000.