Last update Overwatch Unleash the new hero Brigitte in the competitive position of the game. A few days later, Blizzard announced his nerves.

This is probably a good thing, if the competitive Overwatch and Superbrits forums are an indicator. Most subjects complain about how Brigitte was stunned and withdrew, both in short-term breaks. His collection is designed primarily to help him deal with rapid protection programs such as Tracer and Genji, but it is also a nightmare for tanks like Reinhardt.

Thank God, Snowstorm has taken notes. After only a few days of being available in the Overwatch competitive position, a handful of Brigitte’s nerves hit the Overwatch PTR.

The last Birgit rally offers only a maximum of 100 armor, of 150. In addition, the Bash sucker increases from five to six seconds.

Brigitte is not the only champion who supports the change in the PTR. Anna Sniper also received another tool: the shots of the vital Venice no longer affect the allies with full health. In other words, you can shoot through your allies of total health, and healing allies (or dealing with damage to enemies) in the foreground. Its volume will increase from 10 to 14.

As always, these PTR updates are still subject to change before they reach the live servers, but we hope they reduce the mood of the local teacher.