Presents a new movie for the Overworked Orchestra for the third survivor of the game, Grant, a kind of soft novelty with a tendency to cut that seems to be trying to reconnect with his granddaughter. It will surely surprise you – listen to you – to hear that it is as gloomy as hell.

Grant’s trailer is an interesting contrast compared to the previous two. It seems that Idan almost enjoys his new freedom to hit the skulls, while Maya is still in shock when confronted. Grant is the whole business: enjoy a brief respite from shady businesses to get where you are going, but apart from the horrors of your surroundings. Obviously he is a man who has a job to do, and he will.

It’s a preview of the movie, so how (or even if) that translated into a game is an open question. The Overkill’s The Walking Dead is a “cooperative FPS action four” that looks a lot like Left 4 Dead, and it’s fair to say that the intended description was not the basis of that experience. L4D is a fun shooting game, but if I had the option, I would rather immerse myself in something more diverse and concentrate the narration.

With the exception of more delays (remember, the Overkill’s Walking Dead was originally expected in 2016), we’ll see what happens this fall.