In addition to jewelry, wine and murder, the Psijic skill line is another highlight of the Summerset show, The Elder Scrolls Online. The previous section details how the players traveled to Artemis Island to join the SSYC command, and what they would face. This line of skills opens up unique abilities for players, such as the ability to brake or freeze enemies, or return time or meditation to give your health a boost.

This is the first time in the series that players can join, and Bethesda declares that you can discover the secrets of the isolated group, which is probably convincing for fans of the World Air Scrolls. Users in the old Skyrim theme that I stumbled upon today will be particularly happy.

Somerset gave a good first impression about Rachel when she played a few hours of expansion last month. He spent most of his time looking for a serial killer called “Green Ghost,” and following each track turned out to be a very exciting article. “What is a good sign is that the simple lateral search has ended up attracting and turning it into an important story, which qualifies us to write and deepen this latest expansion.”

We are more than a month away from the Summerset version on June 5.