Update: Shortly after the announcement of the 343 Industries Corporation statement on ElDewrito, video game boss Phil Spencer on Twitter has something very interesting about the specific point made by the studio.

The official Halo versions only on teams that have since Halo 2 in 2004 (in addition to the Spartan double-stick shooters) were from Halo 5: Forge, which was more than the appropriate game level editor, and RTS Halo Wars 2. Microsoft Corporation has confirmed two years ago that Halo 6 (or so called at the end) will be released for Windows 10 plus Xbox, but we have not heard anything since then. This may be the “classic halo experience” in which Spencer insinuates. Or is Microsoft finally moving to edit the Master Chief Collection on a PC?

I contacted Microsoft for more information and will update it when I have it.

After version 0.6 released last week, Microsoft “started the action” against ElDewrito, a Halo Online modifier. This step is designed “to protect your own Halo IP”.

As reported by Eurogamer, 343 Industries announced legal actions through Halo Waypoint. Meanwhile, 343 refers to Microsoft’s intentions, but also mentions an “open discussion” between the editor and the current ElDewrito team. “The ElDewrito team is visibly dissatisfied with this result given the time invested in this project,” the publication says, “but they understand the legal implications and the need to put pressure on this work.”

Halo Online was meant to be a Halo 3-spun shooter, but after it was officially drawn in 2016, the ElDewrito mod intervened with several server browsers, player personalization, tracking statistics, classified social servers and other features.

“Once again, in 2014, Microsoft, 343 and Saber Interactive participated in the development of” Halo Online “, a title developed exclusively for the Russian market,” says 343. “The game was placed indefinitely, but Halo Online ended In the nature, outside of the target audience and the official domain, resulting in the issuance of DMCA removal notices by Microsoft.

“Over time, the halo faded in line and fell from the radar until the last update show 6. shed new light on the current ElDewrito project.Despite Toadon and a source of inspiration for the amount of passion he pours In this project, the fact is that it is based on assets owned by the company Microsoft does not have. They are legally released or authorized for this purpose.

“As this project resonates throughout the community, our team has taken a step back to evaluate the materials and explore possible ways, while Microsoft, like any company, has the responsibility to protect its IP address, logo and trademarks.

Continue participating: “We want to clarify some of the points of confusion that we have seen through the community during the last few days in relation to the ElDewrito project and other projects that are produced by the fans. In the case of the custom version of Custom halo Edition for, using a specific appendix for Halo PC to allow community officials to create.Content and content basically go to the nuts using Halo: Combat Evolved (even requires a good Halo PC partition key) .

“Recently, installation program 01 has aroused some passion, even making headlines that should be admired by 343. Installation 01 is an original work, originally created on an independent engine, that complies with the Microsoft Content Use Guidelines.

“With HaloOnline, there is a misconception that once it is canceled, the assets become” open source “or are left to the vagaries of society as” abandoned “, neither of which is true. the content is still in use today and will continue in the future. ”

343 and then talks about the discussions mentioned above with the ElDewrito team, emphasizing that “it is understood that he is unhappy with this result, given the time in which they have all invested in this project”, although the estimate of the legal implications of the project.

The article concludes: “One thing is clear – the community really wants more Halo on their PC. We hope, we are very excited about the prospects of the official experience of classic Halo making its way to the team and we hope to be able to partner with a team ElDewrito broader community of creativity content and content to help inform the types of experiences and characteristics desired by the fans, while we do not have what we proclaim today, please keep in mind that the community is very important to us computer and that are at the top of interest to work towards the future “.

At the time of writing this article, ElDewrito is still online, if you want to find what could have been.