The biggest update of Battlerite since it came out of Steam Access Access was probably the start of its first competitive season. Today, the developer of Stunlock Studios announced a much bigger update: the development of a new game called Battlerite Royale. It’s exactly what it looks like, it will come this summer.

Said Johan Ilves, marketing director of Stunlock: “We want to give players the excitement of exploring the Diablo-esque experience, along with the MOBA difference of personal and exciting game to survive.” “However, I think anyone looking for a new and different form in the Battle Royale game will have a blast.”

Battlerite Royale will consist of 10 minutes of games where 20 players will destroy it “on a map 30 times larger than the standard sand map”. You can play alone or as a couple, with 27 heroes to choose from. Otherwise, it’s the rules of property laws: loot what you can find, kill people, take their things and survive as long as possible.

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