Mirage: Arcane War, a fiction follow-up for Tival Banner Studio famously brilliantly chivas medieval, is about to close well thanks to the new European privacy laws that came into force today May 25, 2018. Fortunately, it will not be seen affected cavalry.

Yesterday, Torn Banner issued a statement announcing that the forums have been removed from the game from Steam and will be deactivated all affiliate retailers third party servers and several players on May 31. The reason for this article is the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), a strict application of privacy laws in Europe that create problems for more than just games.

The problem is to comply with these new regulations, expensive for young developers. In the case of Loadout, another game closes due to GDP, they require the implementation of new features that the company can not pay. Torn Banner seems to be in a similar situation with Mirage: Arcano Warfare.

If you follow this spiritual heir of the cavalry: Medieval war at all, this is not surprising. Despite our positive criticism, Mirage has not found a constant hearing, a death sentence in a multiplayer game. Shortly after the launch, its servers were a ghost town with more than ten players at a time. The promotion delivered the free game to an estimated million players, but they did not re-engage. Mirage does not have the same hard appeal as Chivalry.

While it is not clear if Turner Banner is working on any other mule to rescue Mirage, now it does not matter. “Unfortunately, we have run out of options to keep Mirage Mirage,” the stadium said in a statement.

“Thank you for your support and enjoy a trip Mirage so far We hope to see you in the future our addresses Other our games, equestrian: .. Central equestrian Age War: the bloodiest oysters, will not be affected.”