I felt a great hero at the end of this week with Batman: Arkam Origins, Mad Max and Darkness: The Gods Among Us – a total of $ 10 for sale on Fanatic.

Five years before his trip to Arkham Asylum, Origins creates Caped Crusader against Crime Black Mask, Anarky and The Joker. You have to trust stealth, detective action and luxury tools to beat Nemes Pat.

Max Max, on the other hand, allows you to explore “a beautiful sterile land”, presented by Chris Livingstone in his 2016 review, and participate in a “successful car battle” in the feared post-apocalyptic world.

Injustice: the gods among us allow you to face your favorite superheroes against other lesser favorite superheroes. Live out of childhood fantasies and show your brother Big Brother once and for all that Superman beat the flash. Just me? Try it on my behalf, then. Thank you.

Elsewhere, Bento Bundle combines the fans ten anime games for $ 4.99 – a savings of $ 119 if purchased separately. Next, you will find the tastes of Xuan Yuan-Sword: The Gate of the Sky and Gurumin: A monstrous adventure and the Empire of the Angels. 4. Check the entire group here.

Try to sell Warner Legends of Fanaticll from now until Sunday, May 27 from 12 noon Pacific / 8 a.m. GMT GMT. The Bento Bundle of the store is already on sale until Saturday June 9 at the same time.

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