With more than five million simultaneous players between the two, BattleUnknown and Fortnite Battle Royale are not just very successful games: they are complete phenomena. But when it comes to PUBG vs. Fortnite, which one should I play?

If you look at our reviews, Fortnite’s Battlefield and Fortunite are great games worthy of your time. But what are the differences between these two? How do they compare? This article is divided into characteristics, from weapons to microtransactions, so you can decide which is the best real battle that is right for you.

Fortnite vs. PUBG: Overview

Fortnite Battle Royale was created in two months by the unrealistic Epreal Games team behind PvE Save the World. At first, the situation was a clear PUBG tradition, so you will notice that they share some of the basics, but through the slow adoption of the system to build constant updates and Apple’s Ablaa, Fortnite will made experimental game faster, since the launch. Fortnite, built directly from the PvE mode, allows players to easily install walls, floors, ceilings and stairs, as well as shoot and shoot. As long as players destroy enough trees, bricks and metal with their selection, they can build complex skyscrapers or extended walls like a mobile roof. The good goal is useful, but the roof of skills of Fortnite extends beyond photography. It’s also free to play in the homicundo launcher in Epic, a decent deal like an eccentric arcade shooter.

Pit faces 100 players against each other on a large island, although they are still small by PUBG standards. Players start on a concert bus (a bus hung from balloons, do not worry) making their way through the map in a straight line. Players can jump from anywhere on this track, usually with the aim of one of the sites called Island. On the ground, they must find weapons, armor, health items and build resources as soon as possible. After a few minutes, the storm, which is marked by a large circle on the map, is in a random section of the map. Every few minutes, he emphasizes again, forcing players to form smaller and smaller groups, so they have no choice but to commit colorful cartoon murders.

Battlefield PlayerUnknown was the first battle game in the royale style to explode in popularity. Created by Brendan Greene, the inventor who proclaimed the style of the Royal Battle, PUBG is slower and more realistic than Fortnite. It’s not a complete military simulator, but it’s close. PUBG costs $ 30 on Steam and presents a variety of maps and game modes.

Similar to Fortnite, the game in PUBG is 100 free men in a wide area of ​​land. Each round starts at the level of the plane that flies over the map, allowing players to have some degree of choice in the place where they want to start. Once on the ground, you must look for weapons and equipment to survive. After a few minutes, the deadly blue energy field begins to close on the map, effectively limiting the playing area. After the appearance of this blue circle for the first time, begin to tighten the playing area every few minutes, and condense the players until only one survives.

Game Modes

Fortnite reflects the basic forms of PUBG in its official and dedicated games. The mode is only a free 1v99 flannel for all, the partners of Duos develop you with a friend or a stranger against teams of two, and put a band composed of teams of four. If they have the goods, players have the option to line up in Duos or Squadrons as a single player. Unlike PUBG, Fortnite always runs from a third-person perspective. Building in the first person seems a nightmare.

Every two weeks or so, the new play mode is available to play. Examples include 50v50, five teams of 20, sniper mode only, placing only explosives and Blitz, which speeds up the collection of resources and the speed of the storm. Temporary patterns tend to be more experimental, and Epic continues to evolve further behind the scenes, including a scene we still have to see called “The Lava Plane.”

PUBG has many game modes distributed in official and dedicated games. To play in the ranking, players can choose to play alone, a team consisting of two teams, a team of four players or a very influential team (only against teams of four). There is mating, so if you want to play as a team with strangers it is possible. Once the equipment is closed, you will choose whether to play in the first person or in the traditional third-party mode. Finally, you can change a first person to get accurate shots, but you also have the additional advantage of being able to see the corners and cover yourself without exposing yourself. In the first person, his field of vision is limited, which makes it more challenging and realistic.

PUBG also contains many types of custom games in a separate server browser. The zombie digs a few human players who can loot against a multitude of zombies, players who must work together to sink them. The war begins as a traditional way of dying before ending in the traditional style of the Royal Aragoria. There are also special events that run for a limited time, such as Tequila Sunrise, where players can only use weapons and suspicious weapons.


The Fortnite cartoon formats do not match your military arsenal. Rifles, hunting rifles, sniper rifles, machine guns, pistols, pistols, rocket launchers, grenade launchers and archery imitate the real business in appearance and behavior. But in practice, the recoil of the weapon is almost invisible, and the spread of bullets is only a problem for players who do not raise their finger on the firing button. Some sniper rifles need to calculate the bullet’s fall, which is as complicated as the weapons obtained by Fortnite.

Arms ties are nothing, but the shortage of arms. Rare assault rifles have better stats than common assault rifles. The blue pistols of the bomb destroy more than the green weapons. Bomb bombs, as expected, or sending people flying, players can find cop traps to join any flat surface to kill vandals. The challenge is to manage a good proliferation of weapons in each distance, along with hand grenades and healing supplies distributed in five inventories. You can find out what to save or place in question to determine the match.

The arsenal of PUBG is extracted directly from military weapons in the real world. There is an impressive variety of firearms, rifles, assault rifles, machine guns, grenades and more. For those who want an additional challenge, there are also more additions of gliders like the Archery and the Thomson machine gun from World War II. Similar to military power, the effective use of these weapons requires practice, since each model has an extension and a drop of lead. You can even adjust the scope of the gun to be precise in specific ranges or change the shooting modes.

A large part of the PUBG weapon system is the management of attachments that offer different benefits. The ranges will help in the correction, reduce the echo control and flash flash values ​​can hide your footage. While searching, you can continually change the attachments to create the best possible load for the situation.


Fortnite has no vehicle to drive, but smart players have found a way to mount rockets and launch some crazy murders. With the ability to build slopes on the mountains, the terrain is not a big obstacle anyway. Along with equipment such as the launch pad, players can navigate through a third part of the map to overcome storms or wing opponents without having to distant wheels. Epic reported that they tested the cars internally, but worry about how they affect the pace of the game.

PUBG contains a variety of cars and boats that can make crossing your large maps much easier. However, they are ruthless and impracticable buggies. They also use gas that is difficult to obtain. However, they are valuable when you need a quick shelter, and the fact that your team can ride passengers and still throw their weapons makes some exciting moments in the Max Crazy Model.


Fortnite now has a map, Epic has not announced or hinted at more in the future. There is what is a small standard of real ownership, about a quarter the size of the smallest map on the front of PUBG, which equals 4 4 kilometers. It is a hillside and green, scattered in areas designed for different styles of play. Tilted Towers are two buildings in the city characterized by tall buildings and apartments open and open between them. Wailing Woods is a dense forest with a labyrinth of hedges in the middle. Pleasant Park is a suburban neighborhood adjoining the football field. With approximately 20 locations and dozens of smaller monuments, the Fortnite map is dense but diverse.

PUBG has many different maps to play. Different environments require significantly different tactics, which helps prevent PUBG from feeling upset. The most popular map is Erangel, an island inspired by Russia, 8×8 km long, with diverse views of forests, villages, farms and marshes. Miranemar is an 8 x 8 km stretch of the Mexican desert with wide open spaces and scant coverage beyond countless shantytowns. There are more maps on the way, such as Savage, a much more tropical forest island.

Microtransactions and cosmetics

Fortnite is free to play, and microtransactions within cosmetics are complete, there are no random box mechanisms to fill the loot. In-game store items contain masks for characters, shovels and gliders available for purchase, in addition to a variety of emotions. The problem is that the finest leather can reach $ 20, and many of them can not be earned through the challenges of the game. There are always some players who can win by completing the challenges of the season, although dozens of cosmetics are closed for the purchase of the Battle Pass game. This cost is less than $ 10, and allows players to reach the weekly challenges, once they are complete, go to the Battle Pass level. As the level of Patel Pass increases, aesthetic rewards open up to specific levels.

Fortnite calculations and cosmetics are not making a profit at this time.

The PUBG system and cosmetically similar microtransaction for both Counter-Strike: Global Offensive – but it is confusing as hell and terrible kind. There are cosmetics in the game, such as clothing and leather skins inside the boxes that can be bought for BP, a coin that earns them with a good performance in the matches. Each week, you can buy six boxes for BP, but the cost of each of them drastically accelerates. When buying a cage, you have the opportunity to win one of several specific types of boxes with specific types of cosmetics in the home. Some boxes can be opened for free, while others require keys with a cost of US $ 2.50 to open. Like CS: GO, all funds can be sold on the Steam Marketplace to get Steam credit. In the same way, the cosmetics that you get from the boxes can be sold individually to obtain credit or reimburse them to BP.

PUBG microtransactions and cosmetics do not currently pay to win.


Fortnite is still in beta, which means that performance tends to change as Epic Games makes adjustments. In general, however, Fortnite will work correctly on any device in the last five years. Our performance analysis suggests that the minimum specifications of Intel HD 4000 and Core i3 2.4 GHz can be very limited in handling the game at acceptable frame rates. Operating at an epic level of quality will crush all but the best systems. Undoubtedly, some adjustments must be made. However, Fortnite will work well on most systems as long as you keep your graphics settings within modest ranges.

PUBG’s performance has improved significantly since its first launch on early arrival. While there is room for improvement, our performance analysis indicates that PUBG works well on a variety of CPUs and GPUs. It is, however, a more demanding game than Fortnite. At least, PUBG requires the Nvidia GeForce GTX 660 2GB / AMD Radeon HD 7850 2GB with the Intel Core i3-4340 / AMD FX-6300. You can press less, but you will suffer for it.


Fortnite has established itself in a reliable pace with updates that arrive every two weeks with new weapons, materials (see Shrek and Launchpad), masks and adjustments in the clouds. The map also received a facelift, with a change of vision and the addition of many new areas in the western half.

PUBG constantly gets new updates that add maps, weapons and much-needed fixes. While Steam Early Access is no longer available, there is still a lot of work going on month after month. The developers also showed a willingness to respond quickly to comments from the community, especially regarding the exact terms.

Which one to play?

It is a difficult question. As you can see, PUBG and Fortnite have big differences and each one has its own strengths. PUBG contains a varied map, while an individual Fortnite map can get a little boring after a while. On the other hand, Fortnite weapons and weapons are innovative and dumb, while the arsenal of PUBG is extremely accurate to be exciting.

If you like more the idea of ​​the arcade shooter with a challenging but drowsy construction element, the Fortnite is a clear choice. But if you lean towards the slow and tense shooters, like most types of military simulations, the PUBG is the path you should take. The truth is that any game is worth your time and can be enjoyed side by side.

If you’re still in the fence, start with Fortnite. The free game means that you can try it without any risk and see if the real fighting game mode is your cup of tea. It can be difficult and tense when you are among the ten most important people to fight for your life. If the charm of Fortnite cartoons has put you on your way, but you still love the idea of ​​property ownership, then PUBG is the one you should try. Or watch the current and future real battle games of 2018 to learn about other things.