The developer of Firewatch Campo Santo was purchased by Valve last month. In an interview with the rock, and Lord, and Susa, Sean Camino Vanaman explains that despite the crisis, he will retain his freedom and creativity by working on the next game, in the valley of the gods. They will also benefit from supporting a wider range of talents.

But Vanamán says the support will not harm the flexibility, and tells RPS that Campo, as it is now, will continue to develop the unit, not the Valve Source Engine.

At the same time, I can sit down and say, “Oh, there are all these really good reasons why people also play at the source,” Fanaman told RPS. “You know that just by talking to people and learning, you do not dictate what they are in a certain way, and it’s up to you to have enough to know how things are done and why they are done this way, as well as for you want it, do not try To be rebels in unity, we’re just trying to do what we know how to do.

Elsewhere, Vanaman deals with the position of the acquisition valve – a movement that feels that it refers to the acquisition of “gifted” people, not only increasing the number of games the developer can keep asking for.

Vanaman says: “It is only the development of a sufficient number of talented people in one place long enough and treat them well, really Sadjalonhm Hriren, this will generally be a better shit than things carried out by your competitors.” “For all intents and purposes, that was our goal in Campo, it seems that just to get great people here and all we do is go to the center of it.

“I think it was just that they saw a dozen people who were culturally well as to where we were in our proper professional life, and Odhava a lot of individual experience said:” We do not know what the result of this happening can not deduce what to do for five years, two years or six months, but maybe it will be good. ”

Read the RPS interview with Sean Vanamán and Jack Rodkin in its entirety in this way.