News about Final Fantasy XV continues to appear. The next major announcement from Enix came from the PAX East board in Boston, Massachusetts, where the company announced that there were four new DLC packages in the PC, PS4 and Xbox One business.

Painting information in the PAX del Este (through the polygon), is that shortly after the start-up of Final Fantasy XV on your computer with steam and Windows 10, there are plans to launch Thdethein another key pack of multiple Companions of the Players in each of the main units control computers, as well as Launch four new DLC packages for the game.

The four DLC packages are scheduled to be released in 2019, beginning with Episode 1: Ardyn, which follows the shameful savior of the human race. This episode is called “Rooibos Conflict” and focuses on the increasing resentment of Astqdoba Jordan’s Lucia Empire over 2000 years after its battle with the stars and its exhausted role to absorb Eos’s demon as translator champion.

The second episode is a parallel story of Aranea, one of the most popular characters of Final Fantasy XV. The boy band was accompanied and operated during his adventure as a mercenary. He also helped escape from the empire factory after Arden brought him there to find out where he came from and how he was actually born from a pipeline like many other Imperial soldiers. Aranea Prompto helped during the fight against one of the bosses, but Ardyn was able to hold the Prompto again. Aranea follows the vision of Nilfheim in the Starscourge and how Aranea ends up on her bad side on the last day of the empire.

The second episode: Lunafreya follows a sad color and his fate is linked to King Lucean. It seems that this episode may occur after the events of Altissia. The spoiler warning: when the boy’s squad arrives in Al-Tisiyya to meet the Lady of Lunfria, they will meet the Imperial forces attacking the port before the wedding begins. As the battle approaches, Luna and Noctis enter a battle with Leviathan, which requires all his strength to defeat and “tame” the beast. Arden takes the opportunity to get rid of Luna, but her role in helping is not over yet. This episode indicates that even in death his fate is still associated with Lucian, who seems to refer to the role of Luna during the ten years in which jokes were not lacking.

The third episode: Noctis is the last episode of the four episodes (or so we think) called “The Final Strike”. He is supposed to rewrite the end of Final Fantasy XV since Noct will participate in a final battle to secure a future for his people. It sounds like an Badi alternative to thwart the ending that was originally sent with the game back in 2016, where Polígono points out that they contain “alternate grand final”, which I guess will be like that Hajime Tabata to achieve a “happy ending” game that he complained about a Many fans at the original picnic.