The next chapter in the history of Final Fantasy 14 is just a continuation of a couple of weeks, and today Square Enix unveiled a wonderful new trailer. Tease what will come next. Under the moon, which was published on May 22, light, the same model that we expect in the Final Fantasy follows updates 14. There is a new attack a player 24 expands in the previous groups in Ivalice, the world comes from the best Final Fantasy games. There’s also a new experience, new fortified towers, more monster tribe missions … and the list really goes on.

Broken above do a good job to show where the story is based, with sending those sent to the Garlean Doma empire on the pretext of peace – but this probably will not last long, right?

One thing to keep in mind with this update is that a large part of it is placed in small patches throughout the summer. For example, it will show the “patch 4.31” layer “Savage” new apologists, a group meeting measured for a few thousand players only Sahsmonh. Then, at 4.35, we will get more Hildebrand side quests to play through the new Dungeon Dungeon. Then, within several months, Eureka’s new exploration area will arrive.

It is unfortunate that all this does not come at the same time, but I think that Tdhrjh players will gradually stop falling in a couple of weeks and then go back to the thumbs throughout the summer.

I have not come back to play Final Fantasy 14: Stormblood since last year, but I was already installed. I’m excited to see how Square Enix expanded on the amazing first impression that Storbold had made when it first launched.

You can get more information about Under the Moonlight on its website.