Deus Ex: the sex division was good, but for a variety of reasons the result was not too big. This led to rumors in early 2017 that Eidos Montreal, which had previously developed the Deus Ex series as its main driver, had essentially suspended it for other things. There was not much to say about it since then, but David Onphusi’s studio boss recently told PCGames that while the shadow of the Tomb Raider is currently the big thing on the Eidos plaque, “Deus Ex is not dead.”

“Deus Ex, of course, is the brand of study, we are all committed to this privilege, but we can not do everything, you know?” He said. “So our shadow of the Tomb Raider, we have this development in collaboration with Crystal [Dynamic] in The Avengers, and we have a third game in the development phase, so it’s enough for us now.”

It is said that this third game based on the “guardians of the galaxy”, although they are still unrevealed, although the initial report of the project has been in him more than a year.

The news is a little less happy for lovers of thieves, who did not get the same “undead” seal of approval that Anfossi gave to Deus Ex. He reiterated that the point focused on the Eidos of Montreal and on three other projects, but he concluded: “For the thief, there is no plan.” Despite giving the last game (which restarts to avoid triple the original in everything, except the name), fans can not think bad thief this news at all.