Darkest Dungeon will take us back to the depths of the opening next month, with the release of The Color of Madness DLC. Miller’s farm dates back to June 19, the pilgrimage destination for this tour, where he organized a strange fight outside of Hamlet.

“Farmstead” represents the new expansion zone. Miller and his loyal workers represent the new enemy faction, and Indyles Quest is their new model. Among the presidents: the Miller, the same Comet and Thing From the Stars. Just by name, I can not imagine the last one at all.

Back at the base, Madness Madness offers four new provincial buildings, while the jeweler is now deploying the new jewels. “Take off the gold,” says the Steam community update, “trading only with Comet Shards.” The farm is also full of new collectible artifacts.

“Some horned horns of foreign origin froze in the night sky and crashed into the old miller’s farm on the outskirts of Hamlet,” he adds. “They Almasfon enough to witness the arrival of the comet can blind what can only describe as a variable rapid disappearance of the intensity of the abrasion.” There is no word of the farm in two weeks, with the exception of the dreaded alanine, which frequented the ruin of the mill. ”

The DLC of Darkest Dungeon’s The Color of Madness will be delivered on June 19, 2018 and will cost $ 4.99 per regional reward. Meanwhile, here are a lot of the best settings for cave players.