In preparation for Dark Souls Remastered, I spent the last weeks with modifications that reach the original difficulty of the game. Souls famous characters believed that the slot called additional Illusorywall (against three presidents, six in cooperation) can make heads more than ever – with up to 250 percent of additional health.

Illusorywall made this discovery during the network test unit at Remaster over the weekend, as each new call was tilted 50 percent at the HP boss’s question. “Another way of putting it,” Lee told Illusorywall, “HP’s boss 100 percent when they’re alone, 150 percent with one call, 200 percent with two, and 250 percent with three.”

Illusorywall wrote about the HP increase since this applies to the original game in the past and explains that helping NPC is not always an advantage. If a friend call does not drag its weight, for example, the host faces a greater challenge. But if the friendly call decides to remain deliberately inactive, the host will face a new encounter. Along with Souls chums HollowInvasion Deadhand and Betty Bea, Illusorywall tested this idea against one of the first heads of the game, The Bell Gargoyles.

“The hypothesis test was very easy, in fact,” says Illusorywall. “I had experience in testing the enemy for HP without special tools and I came back in early 2012 before the game was on my computer, I was doing things like fog in the enemies to try to get an accurate HP number because everything goes away, it’s something that I thought before

“I knew that the network test did not contain any great in-game tools for this, but I knew that if I could call attendees not to attack the jugglers, I could be responsible for all the damage, it’s easy to review the footage and record the damage ”

Illusorywall adds: “I have made the fight more difficult, at least with my memory it does nothing but kill the second Gargul.Although I am a humble player when it comes to these games, then we do not have a +5 weapon to fight, I took More time than usual and he asked me to be more careful than usual, I died on my first attempt, but I got it for the second time.

“It would have been harder to fight if all my calls went off the roof and did not help with the second discussion.” Whenever you enter a trained fight with the call, the headphones will increase. It does not matter if they only last a few seconds in the battle, the host will have to deal with the additional HP itself. ”

Illusorywall then talks about the creation of the Souls community when it comes to challenging the training.

“Any chance that the player has to hinder or annoy the enemies will be established,” adds Illusorywall. “While I do not necessarily believe that calling negative ghosts to make employers more difficult would be a common way of making a challenging effort, someone would certainly do that.”

With all this in mind, Illusorywall analyzed the numbers for the strongest opponents in the game. For example, Manus, the father of the abyss, will enter NG + 6, somewhere near HP 32,700 with the application of this method.

Good God, really.