Along with Victoria’s victory under the direction of Pax Britannica, Civilization 6 gives players access to help in the middle of the battle.

As part of the 4X launch, the new diplomacy of the joint war and the third war means that players can now ask others, be they friends, strangers or Amnesty International, to join the battles they have already fought.

“There is a lot of debate in the community about common wars, these rules have been updated,” says lead designer Anton Stringer in the following video. “First, joint wars can be announced using Casus Belli, which requires at least the denunciation of a player.” Secondly, Amnesty International and the players can join the wars that have already started and get the benefits of Casus Belli in force.

In addition, a common war now requires a party to denounce its opponent to five roles, says Steim Community Update, while the leader’s screen now clearly states that the declaration of war is part of a shared commitment.

Above, Strenger addresses the crop variations identified by Tyler in March, indicating “a general improvement in all AI grades.”

The update of Spring 6 Saif also adds 12 new historical moments, from the first city in the world with 25 people, to the first national park in the world and the first beachfront resort in the world, can be found here.

The Spring of Civilization 6 begins today.