Last week confirmed that the Treyarch Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 will not be an individual campaign, as associate professor discussed Dan Bunting in greater depth over the weekend. In short, the vast majority of players are in Black Ops games for players and several dead, and do not care about the particular campaign, and this is what Treyarch decided to focus on. But that does not mean that the campaigns have ended forever.

“The [only player] is only missing right now,” principal producer Yale Miller told The Daily Star. “I really think that with every game we play, we finish this title and then ask:” Which fans would you prefer? If this is another traditional campaign, we will create another traditional campaign. ”

I do not think this should be taken as an indication that the Black Ops 4 campaign can come through DLC: anything is possible, but Miller explained that the study objectives in the game was a traditional multiplayer, Zombies, and the blackout, A new appeal of the Battle Royale based Royale must. Chances are that he simply leaves the door open for future Call of Duty games (if this was the pump so bad, I think) although he also said he had no idea about the other Cod – Infinity Ward and Sledgehammer studios – for his games

Miller said: “I love combo games, and there is not a place for narrative games, but for us and what we wanted to do, that was the right decision.”

We received an early look at Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 during the screening event last week. A lot has changed, some things have not been shown and, in general, they look promising, unless they expect to play with the story, obviously. He must be released on October 12.