Destiny 2: Warmind started a live broadcast earlier this week and sent the guards to Mars to clean the meat between an old machine and an old god. It also marks the beginning of season 3 of Destiny 2, which includes some significant changes in Exotics and PvP procedures. I have not spent much time dealing with him yet, but I love what I see so far, and the offer seems to have gone well, but not without problems.

Bungie said in the last episode of this week in Bungie that the following problems have been confirmed and are being worked on:

  • The Milan XP Rewards Milestone: we have identified a problem in which players do not receive strong Engrams when completing the XP Clan Milestone. Players are rewarded with Legendary Engrams, granting bonuses below 340 Power.
  • Fireteam firefighters are reconciled: due to problems detected in the launch, Crucible Fireteam cross changes in update 1.2.0 were temporarily disabled. Part of this feature is enabled. This will improve the experience of matching individual players compared to previously prepared fire lists on slow playlists.
  • Panic rat: due to a problem that affected the King Mouse, temporarily we could not access this weapon. Players may have problems if they have the weapon at this time. Logging out and returning to Destiny 2 will solve these problems.
  • Attacks of attacks: we are familiar with investigating problems that may not be tracked properly for some of the activities within the game and investigating them. If you experience this problem, follow the mitigation steps.
  • Console performance: we are currently investigating performance reports for players affected by some drivers after the 1.2.0 update.
  • Shell Engrams Contests: Players were informed that Contender’s Shell received Ingram Ingrams for the second season.
  • Sekris Jaguar: We are investigating a case that prevents the lower parts of the Sekris tunics from showing correctly in the game.
  • Shadow Dance and Salute Emotes: we investigate a problem that may prevent access to Shadow Dancer or Salute in the group of Emote players who have authorized these emotions.
  • Badges Season 3: We are investigating a problem in which the logos of the third season tucked into the badge may not appear for players who do not own Warmind.
  • Gunsmith Mods: We are investigating a problem that prevents players from buying some legendary Gunsmith modifications.
  • Boon of the Vanguard / Crucible: We are investigating a case in which Boon of the Vanguard and Boon of the crucible are not available to interested suppliers.
  • Join the allies: we investigate the reports of players who stumble over endless “unite allies” when playing in attacks. Players facing this problem should inform the #Help Forum and include any video they have on this topic.
  • Update will address the problem of King Rat and some other problems, but currently it is not expected to be available until May 15. There is also a problem with the Destiny 2 Companion API, which allows players to see their characters and their inventory. Online, through the Mobile Companion application, or in third-party applications.

At this time, you can solve this problem by logging in all the characters associated with your account on all platforms. This must also be resolved by the update.