The creators of the Rusty Lake games, who are thinking about the lingering and shaky escape rooms, will go to Kickstarter this week to raise funds for their next project, a new game and a short accompanying movie. The campaign has exceeded its target of € 15,000 in just nine hours. No wonder: the previous nine games in this series are as good and as surreal as they want. Rusty Lake Paradise, the last game, came out in March.

The new project, called Paradox, will be a short film and a movie with one click and two clicks, with a free episode. The 15-minute movie will be full of references to previous games, as well as the clues you can use in the new game, and you can watch them for free on YouTube.

“Both the game and the film follow the story of the detective who is trapped in two different worlds and needs to escape,” the team said. “The game will interact uniquely with film, television, phone, recording devices, etc. We have carefully developed many of the visual cues hidden in the film that can be used in the game.”

The game will “adhere to the kernel” of the series, which means a lot of elements that can be found, puzzles to solve and multiple endings, which unite the film with an additional layer of complexity. It is scheduled for August for both Steam and

If you have not yet searched the series, which is a combination of free games and payments, you can choose a set of three of the best on Steam.