Harebrained Schemes participated in its plans for the launch of Battletech, a gigantic robotic combat strategy game that was launched last week. The study said that the positive response to the game meant that “now there are many possible things”, including translations into other languages, more personalization options and perhaps even some expansions.

First of all, however, mistakes come. “Our launch last week was not perfect,” he wrote in the Battletech Kickstarter update, “There is a subset of players that have hardware / system compatibility and performance issues that our team is working hard to investigate.” “It is always critical solutions to the problems at the top of our priorities, and will be released as they become available and tested. Usually, we will post corrections to the Public_beta branch on Steam site for a few days to put test before pushing the branch of a tree default mode. ”

It is expected that the correction of “General error correction” will arrive at the end of May, followed by a bigger update focused on increasing the personalizations and characteristics required of the players. Special details are still chosen, but the articles presented for consideration include:

  • Accelerated combat options: we work on options for players who want to accelerate combat tasks.
  • MechWarrior customization: we know that many players want to change the appearance, first name, name and sound of each MechWarriors, not just their leader. This did not work, but we will add it in Update 1.
  • Granule hardness settings: set of discrete options for players to customize the level of game challenge in different areas.
  • MechLab / Store / Save improvements in quality of life: Frontend additions to reduce friction when buying new items and save them.
  • Educational skip option: Allow players who have already done pre-roll tasks to skip these tasks when they start a new campaign and go directly to Leopard.
  • Address the difficulties of elevation: we will be working on some problems with difficult (or easy) content unexpectedly. Not to eliminate all the variance of the difficulty, but to address obvious external factors.
  • Improvements in the quality of life: continuous sound in tabs, for example.

“The above is just the beginning, we will continue with more free updates after Update 1, and we would also like to announce the release of the largest paid content or two,” said Harbrend. “But right now we’re focusing on correcting errors and immediate feedback reactions.”

The first patch of the Battletech-upper fixer was aired yesterday. Complete debug notes are available in the Paradox forums.