EA’s Battlefield games are well known for Easter eggs, some relatively simple and others ridiculously complex. The discovery of their craft industry secrets has become one of Battlefield’s fans (there’s an active fight, if you’re interested in this kind of thing), which recently uncovered the secret behind Battlefield 1, which has been closed for a while. year.

Located on the map of Fort de Fu to expand the Chall Pass, the door is called “Isolment”, the key to “isolation”. But what makes it remarkable are the sounds that come from behind, that you can hear in the next video. Creepy things.

BFEE finally discovered how to open the door by activating a series of hidden keys in a particular order. It leads to a cell, which contains a plate for a horse and four springs, some books and papers scattered on the ground, blood on the wall and earth, and two valves. An additional adjustment will make the valves interactive, and after rotating from one side to the other in a certain way, a superior tube will begin to distill. This drip drip is actually a Morse code, and the spell “will never be the same”.

This leads to the last step in this complex ritual: go to www.ea.com/neverbethesame, and you will see this:

So it looks like there will be a kind of Battlefield revelation on May 23, two weeks before the Big E3 show. I do not expect a full disclosure of the next battlefield, but a preview or perhaps some information about the configuration, would be quite logical in the press event for EA. There are also speculations about the zombie mode of some kind, driven by the sounds that come from behind the door. But this is a great Call of Duty thing, and I really can not see the EA trying to click on that specific part of the turns (or the fans interact well with the attempt).

Previous rumors have developed a new battlefield in World War II, EA said earlier this year that it will be released in October.

A video that breaks the process makes all this happen, courtesy of Captain Eggcellent, is below.