South Korea passed a law that near the end of 2016 penalizes the creation and distribution of forums, videos and hacking, and other programs can not under the conditions of online game service. After an investigation was extended for a year by the Metropolitan Police of Seoul, in the period from January to December / December 2017, was arrested on 13 cheats; two of them, according to a statement issued by Blizzard Korea (via Kotaku), was convicted now.

The first perpetrator received two years of probation, awaiting imprisonment if his conditions were violated. The second blow with a fine of 10 million won, which operates at around $ 9300. It is a cruel punishment, but it can be worse. The maximum penalty allowed by law is $ 43,000 or five years in prison. In a separate case in China, 15 people have recently been fined $ 5.1 million due to their distribution and transformation of fraud in favor of PUBG, which works at a rate of $ 340,000 per person.

Blizzard Korea said it was “committed to creating a clean playing environment for its players and will continue to strive to maintain a fair environment” for the players.

The remaining 11 cases remain under investigation.