Announced at PDXCon 2018, Wonderland: Planetfall is a fictional exercise in the Triumph Studios strategy series. I sat down with director Lennart Saas on the show to analyze the direction of his last game, how he compares to the science fiction XCOM and how we can assign the Space Pygmies to The Star Union.

Against a series of long-term relationships with great imagination, my first question for Sas is simple: Why is Planetfall going in this direction?

“We’ve been playing fantasy games for 20 years, 20 years,” Sas said, “We’ve tried things in the past, they did not always work or they did not come out.” “We grew up with Tolkien, but we also grew up with Herbert and Lucas, and other great science fiction people.” We consumed pop culture like everyone here and we were always entertaining or applying the world of science fiction to one of our game concepts.

“This universe is a great AoW party because it’s legendary, and it has a rich history too, so while fiction is mostly about history and back, basically looking at space stories. ruins of the future world is all that you are of the race The Romans, the Roman Empire, are still everywhere: old stories and techniques that they may have used, this is related to the Age of Wonders, and the tactical struggle is a completely new ball game.

As mentioned in the previous section, Planetfall contains a game inspired by science fiction, based on roles and competing in battles, which makes comparisons with XCOM inevitable, says Sas. It recognizes characteristics such as coverage, supervision and perishable terrain, which highlights the connection, but points out the way in which two battles are fought separately.

“I think the difference with XCOM is that our battles should be concise and can not last an hour,” says Sass. “They need to allow a large group of [participants] to be creatures, monsters, tanks and airstrikes.” Once you play, I think you’ll notice many very important differences between the two. ”

However, there is an important difference between Age of Wonderland Age and Planetfall, which is how busy the battlefields are. While the manual battles of Age of Wonders 3 were revealed in a flat field, where the obstacles only worked to influence the movement: Planetfall presents elevated terrain, explosive vehicles and biodomes.

“There’s a lot more interaction with the terrain compared to the Wonder Age earlier,” says Sas. There are many things you can use as biodites, you can decide to detonate them, then dig in the concrete base there and find the materials, these choices are much clearer than the “Age of Wonder”, there are many things that happen.

Sas explains that Planetfall relies more on procedural systems than ever before. Players can decide the size of their worlds and can determine the filling of biomes, mountains, rivers, lava and other features. Players can also choose predetermined templates, Sas says that although there is still nothing in the stone, expect to have the mod ready for the launch.

When you press Planetfall races, Sas mentions the “Planet Masons” race called DVR. It looks like a modern development of the AoW dwarves.

“It was [DVR] miners planets that have entered the most hostile places in space, and protect themselves from radiation and heat and no.It is not known exactly how DVR looks now.” When you have customized, do not assign your can assign Bdltha , you may have a helmet or an old-fashioned diver’s helmet: they are very charming in their own way.

“This is like a Bmtellna dwarfs, but they have some kind of different aesthetic – full metal, or covered Bdlaouat I do not really see it, but they share similar characteristics – they are taking advantage of not caring about wildlife, yes, there are insurmountable movements, you can call them dwarfs distances here, but we always expect to find unique angles and not be: these were only languages ​​that originated in the world of fantasy. ”

The age of wonders: the maturity of Planetfall in 2019.