11-11: Memories Retold is a “narrative, narrative adventure” developed during the First World War. Panday Namco presented the project last month, which has the collaboration between the editor, DigixArt and Dengermine Aramman, directed by Yoan Fanise, who also directed the Puzzler Valile Hearts war game of Ubisoft in 2015.

The shortest short film director, Bram Tateouf, explains how he and his team teach players how to paint. More than:

These are filled with interesting flashes of 11-11: the first works of Memories Retold, as well as other images that inspired him. In addition to speaking with his art, Ttwheam also offers a little more about the history of the game.

“What I hope the players feel once they play this game is that they have shared with two characters that have gone through so much,” Tataem said. “The characters will change during the story, and I want the players to feel like they’ve traveled with them.

“I think the art style will help in the emotional journey transfer, through the fact that we can use auto things – we can use our paint strokes, angles, color, panels and Adhaehna … to transfer themes convincingly and passionately . ”

11-11: Memories of Retold with no fixed launch date yet. More information can be found on the project’s Twitter page.